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Human Anatomy Training


Shoulder Anatomy
Infraspinatus Muscle
Shoulder – Rotator Cuff

Rotator Cuff Injuries
Rotator Cuff Surgery
Shoulder Joint – Glenohumeral Joint

Shoulder Joint – Scapula and Clavicle

Shoulder Impingement
Total Shoulder Replacement
Laberal Tears and Instability
Bankart Lesion and Repair Surgery
Elbow Anatomy
Elbow Joint

Elbow Joint – Cubital Fossa

Elbow – Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
Knee Anatomy
Knee Arthritis
Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Tear
Knee Meniscus
Knee Meniscus Repair and Meniscectomy
Total Knee Replacement
Quadricpes Femoris
Quadricpes Electrical Stimulation Post Surgical Treatment
Hip Anatomy
Hip Osteoarthritis
Total Hip Replacement
Foot Anatomy
Gastrocnemius Muscle (Calf)
Achilles Tendon Rupture/Repair
Cervical Spine Anatomy
Cervical Disk Herniation
Cervical Radiculopathy
Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion
Lumbar Spine Anatomy
Low Back Pain, Disc Herniation
Spinal Stenosis
Endoscopic Lumbar Foraminotomy
Endoscopic Lumbar Laminotomy
Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion
Pain Theories Part 1
Pain Theories Part 2
Pain Theories Part 3
Inflammation and Tissue Repair
Inflammation within Muscle Regeneration
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