Mobilegs Ultra

  • Fully adjustable height and arm length to properly fit 96% of all adults from 4’9″ to 6’4″ up to 300lbs.
  • Offset legs help to provide hip clearance and limit the potential for tripping.
  • Ergonomic Handgrips contour to the hand, maintain a natural wrist angle and evenly distribute load across the palm. Ergonomic Handgrips are specifically left/right handed and reduce hand grip pressure.
  • Rocker Feet with over-molded, natural rubber pads maintain full contact throughout the stride and are proven to require less exertion.
  • Uniquely designed Underarm Saddle grips naturally and is well-ventilated for continuous air circulation.  Articulated Saddle design pivots and rotates in tandem with body movement and features 1 1/4″ of built-in dampening delivered by spring loaded technology. It maintains full contact and will not irritate the soft tissue. The pliable membrane of the Underarm Saddle provides suspended support, creating a platform for the underarm that provides unparalleled comfort.
  • Underarm Saddle reduces the potential for underarm nerve injury from the constant pressure usually associated with standard aluminum or wood underarm crutches.

The Mobilegs Ultras are designed to make crutch walking easier, less painful and safer for patients. Health care professionals who try Mobilegs themselves can immediately feel the difference. Mobilegs crutches are being adopted by many clinics, hospitals and urgent care centers.

Finally, a comfortable, crutch alternative designed with the end-user in mind. If you have suffered a recent sports injury, have joint pain or issues with mobility, then consider Mobilegs as a better crutch alternative. What makes Mobilegs so good is what makes conventional crutches well, not so good. Mobilegs Ultra sets an entirely new standard unmatched anywhere at any price.

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